Empire Dogs become LACA Partner
13/03/2019 - 09:31
Empire Dogs has announced that it has become a LACA partner.

It said: “We are honoured and we look forward to working closely with LACA and their members in the year ahead.

LACA’s mission statement is to set high standards in Education Catering and to be the lead consultative body to the Government on all aspects of school food and in delivering healthy eating policies. It also seeks to support caterers to enable them to meet changing industry demands. As part of our partnership we strive to help LACA achieve these objectives.”

It has also launched a ‘new and improved website’ with the view to supporting education caterers introduce Empire hotdogs onto their school menus.

The website contains an interactive resource centre which includes a number of new components including ordering processes, preparation and warming instructions, as well as posters for fun theme days.

Links are also shown to information videos including first hand testimonials from school children who have tasted and love Empire hotdogs.   

Alastair Law, CEO of Empire Dogs said: “Over the past 12 months we have been enhancing our relationships with the education catering industry and as part of our communication strategy we’re delighted to be offering a new and easy to browse website for our customers and potential customers.”